We act in an economically sound way while protecting the environment.


BSTS-LTD is committed to protecting the natural environment in which it works. The growth and wellbeing of the UK community is at the heart of our business strategy.

  • Environmental & social responsibility
  • Robust, long-term financing model
  • Risk management & regulatory compliance
  • Leading HSSE framework
  • Safe & stable geographic location


We believe that strong HSSE performance will determine the success of our organisation. We treat the health, safety and security of our employees as priorities, on par with every one of our business objectives. BSTS-LTD adheres to the strictest standards of health & safety across all its operations. We are invested in the welfare of our employees and contractors and operate all our facilities in full compliance with both local and international standards of best practice in HSSE.

We maintain and enforce strict health & safety codes and guidelines for employees in all locations and at every level of the company – from the Head Office to the Crude Oil Park operations team. Regular drills, practices and training sessions will ensure that, in the event of an emergency of any size, we are ready to respond quickly and effectively. Our HSSE team regularly reviews and evaluates the personal risks associated with our operations to ensure that our employees and contractors work in the safest possible environment.

Social and Environment

We conduct all our activities in a manner designed to protect and sustain the environment in which we work. BS Tank Solution Ltd is committed to a programme for environmental sustainability that is aligned with globally recognised standards and expectations. We understand that in the 21stcentury, businesses operating in the Oil & Gas industry must adhere to the most advanced criteria for environmental responsibility.

Our sustainability model is designed to respect and protect the integrity of British natural ecosystem. We are particularly focused on the preservation of the Sultanate’s beautiful Indian Ocean coastline, as well as its abundant flora and fauna. BS Tank Solution Ltd business activities are compatible with this balanced environment and comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We communicate frequently with the government, public and NGOs to share our experience with organisations invested in environmental management and improvement, including the Ministry of Environment and Climatic Affairs.